The Forgotten Way Meditations

The Forgotten Way Meditations

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The Forgotten Way Meditations is a journey of re-discovering the radical love, peace, and identity found in Jesus so you can see and be differently.

Forgotten, because Yeshua's simple path of awakening to love, peace and power in this life is rarely remembered (or understood) by millions of Christians weighed down with life's cares and concerns. Way because it is a pathway we walk, not a checklist of rules to follow.

Enter the Way of Jesus so easily forgotten. Take the journey from hate to love; from fear to faith. The journey from insecurity to complete rest. Here you will find peace in the storms; you will walk on the troubled seas of your life. Love, joy and peace will flow from you as living waters.

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Life changing book!

This is a powerful book on love and our identity in our Heavenly Father. Very thought provoking and life changing.


I keep reading these meditations through and each time God uses them to sift and transform corners of old dogma I didn't even know remained. Dekker's paradigm of God's redemption in light of eternity has really helped me to walk lighter, let go more and just live. I highly recommend The Forgotten Way!

I'll read it over and over and over...

I ordered The Forgotten Way in the pre-order of 2015. I read it though once, my heart and soul thirsty for its truth. I read it again. Meditating deeper on Gods truths. Then again and again. I am a PK so I guess you can say I have "always" been a Christian. I learned about God and His love from my parents but have also chosen my own personal relationship with Christ. However, Even in this relationship I still lived in so much fear, always! And condemnation, mostly of self but easily of others also. In 2016 everything in my spirit changed. It took this last reading through the challenge of The Forgotten Way for my eyes to see that the change in me is due to the opening of the eyes of my heart to Gods truths about me and those around me. The biggest is no longer "holding a record of wrongs". I use to leave in a spirit of fear and negativism, holding many records of wrongs. In deep regret I realized I had passed this on to my children. Then last year I began to live in what I started calling "no expectations" those around me didn't fully understand my freedom and thought living with "no expectations" was a bad thing but I tried to explain it wasn't, it was freeing! I didn't hold those around me to my unrealistic expectations instead I was just living in each moment enjoying whatever that moment was giving me. I began spending time with others in joy, love and thankfulness, instead of expectaion, and condemnation. I lived "holding no record of wrong" or expectation of how that moment should go. I also did not hold a record of wrong against myself! Realizing instead I am already complete! My daily life is so different now! Filled with more joy, peace, gratitude and forgiveness rather than fear, record of wrongs, judgement, worry and anger. I give full credit to my God, Savior, Father, Brother, Friend and Lover Yeshua however He 100% used The Forgotten Way first and foremost to bring about this complete turn around in my life. The Forgotten Way is next to my Bible an...


Reading the daily meditations was mostly a left-brained experience and it didn't impact me too much, however, working through the study guide was helpful and helped me to interact more on an emotional level with the material.
Day 11 made a big impact on me. I have spent my life judging others - mostly as a means to know what I needed to do to be accepted and loved since I experienced a lot of rejection in my life. I discovered that my own judgements about others caused me to be judged and to judge myself. I was caught in a prison of my own making. I repented of all my judgements and asked the Lord to make me aware of my judgmental thoughts and to help me to accept others as he accepts them.
I had felt very distant from the Lord for a long time and was stuck in hopeless despair that anything would change. By breaking free from the bondage of judgement, I can feel my heart again for the Lord and am more aware of his love and presence in my life. I am grateful for these meditations and the opportunity to give my heart an overhaul!

Incredible! Deepening!

Incredible! Deepening! My husband and I have gained such a deeper, more true understanding of who our Father really is, who Christ is, who we are in Christ, and what our view and response should be. We went through The Forgotten Way twice, the second time with the study guide, and listened to the podcasts and recordings. Life-changing! I see so much clearer now and we are encouraging others to open their eyes and see God for who He truly is. Uplifting to realize He loves me so much, He is not disappointed in me when I struggle. We look forward to further resouces from these men!

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