Play Dead (Hardcover)

Play Dead (Hardcover)
Play Dead (Hardcover)
Play Dead (Hardcover)
Play Dead (Hardcover)
Product image 1Play Dead (Hardcover)
Product image 2Play Dead (Hardcover)
Product image 3Play Dead (Hardcover)
Product image 4Play Dead (Hardcover)

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Enter a mystery ripped from tomorrow’s headlines that will haunt you long after its shocking conclusion.

The discovery of two teenagers ritualistically murdered in a secluded Austin park outrages a nation already on the brink of tearing itself apart. The victims are the latest in an epidemic of deaths linked to a mysterious, underground virtual game known only as Play Dead.

The forensic evidence soon points to Jamie Hamilton, a brilliant yet naive young man on the autism spectrum.

But Angie Channing, a world-renown true crime writer, isn’t so sure. Could such a seemingly innocent person be capable of clinical brutality? Why the rush to silence him? What secrets are hidden in the world of Play Dead that were worth killing for? What if Jamie is the key to something far more sinister?

Angie quickly finds herself in a relentless game of cat and mouse that threatens far more than just her sanity or her life. How far will she go to uncover the shocking truth?

Enter a psychological thriller ripped from tomorrow’s headlines that will haunt you until the last page. It is said that nothing is as it seems in the halls of power and that some truths are far too dangerous for the common man.

Until now.


TED DEKKER is a multiple award-winning, New York Times and international, New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of over 40 novels. His work has reached tens of millions worldwide and has been translated into numerous languages and adapted into major feature films. In 2013 NPR readers nationwide named him as one of the top suspense writers of all time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews

Another Dekker novel, another novel you can't put down. He never fails to challenge worldviews and possibilities while creating characters you relate to and care about.

Another Ted Dekker masterpiece

From the very first few pages of this story you will find yourself confronted with the possibility of coexisting realities - a Ted Dekker specialty in storytelling. This time the story is set in our present age dealing with priorities of the day - money, power and technology. And yet, for a person with a sense of the profound wisdom behind the creation of the universe, you get the nagging perception that the awakenings presented in this storey are just previews of a greater experience to come. And this book offers the reader these same insights but in a fictional setting. Loved every minute reading this book.

Thought provoking

I could not put this book down. Ted Dekker weaves enough of today's world into this book to make this futuristic novel seem like a real possibility.
As always, he makes you question what lies beyond our perception with this intriguing story.

Keeps you thinking

This book makes you question everything around you. Is it reality or not? This book was hard to put down. Dekker has a way of putting the Christian faith in his books with out it being to preaching, so that a non believer will read his books and get the word of God feed to them.

A movie for the brain

This book is one like I have never read before. The plot is deep, the climax is intense, and the conclusion leaves you wanting even more.

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