The Way of Love | Book 1

The Way of Love | Book 1

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Paperback, 174 pgs.

Through 21 daily readings, practices and alignments, you'll go broader and deeper into the life-changing teachings of Yeshua on the only way to find love and peace in this life.

Each one which invites you into a single transformational idea and practice that opens your eyes to the only thing that really matters in this life awakening to who you truly are in this plane of existence.

Customer Reviews

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Christina Dickerson
The Way of Love with Journal

We have started this as a small group study at our ministry center. It is transforming our hearts and minds back to what the gospel truly is.... love!

Barbara Prosock
Yahweh lives

Wonderful, helpful, encouraging. A way to the truth and the light. No guilt,
no burdens, no shame.


This is a very insightful study that will challenge your faith in a good way! I read the Forgotten Way through about 6 times and my husband has really loved the Way of Love. We are so convinced that this is transformational, that we bought the latest version for a wedding gift.

J. Gaul
Excited to Continue the Journey!!

After the impact of The 49th Mystic & Rise of the Mystics, I was excited to have the opportunity to continue the journey with The Way of Love!!

Joaquin Parker
The way of love

BEYOND! This is so much so in alignment with my level of understanding of Gods love and Word that it is the ultimate confirmation. Things that can never be explained but fully understood. If you are at a high school level in your relationship and Bible study, this is for you and your development. Written in Ted Dekker fashion, epic visuals, plain metaphors, leaves room for your growth, interpretation, and connection to God. The format and flow hits deep and lifts you high. There is a lot of very real pondering to be had as he speaks through history and effectively removes fantasy and mystery to the connection that we all have within us. GET IT, LIVE IT. You will be even closer to love in the end.

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