The Way of Love | Book 1

The Way of Love | Book 1

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Paperback, 174 pgs.

Through 21 daily readings, practices and alignments, you'll go broader and deeper into the life-changing teachings of Yeshua on the only way to find love and peace in this life.

Each one which invites you into a single transformational idea and practice that opens your eyes to the only thing that really matters in this life awakening to who you truly are in this plane of existence.

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Would love to order in Europe

Any wat I can get this to ship to Europe?
The Way of Love (with Journal)

With kind regards,
Esther Kuipers

Higher Kingdom Living - The Way of Love

Slow reading because its something I want to take root in my heart! I want to live it out! The true, authentic nature of Yeshua and the Father. The Way of Love, to be truly born again, to see the Kingdom of Heaven, to be awakened to Christ, to hold no record of wrong towards no one. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I await the next journey!

Life changing

When your heart and mind have experienced Yeshua outside of the traditional church experience The Way of Love makes complete sense. I dont believe in coincidence or luck. I have contemplated the events leading to this point in my life and believe in a higher calling. Life is choreographed and purposed by the one who knows the very soul of every human. The Forgotten Way engaged a part of me that The Way of Love has led me to explore at a deeper more personal level. I can easily and confidently recommend this book to anyone knowing that the Holy Spirit will work in the heart of any person who chooses to read its pages!

Love It

Your best book so far! A real eye opener! Life transforming Truth that we can embrace to truly draw us into our true identity In Christ!

Refreshing and challenging my spirit

This book is a great story with the extra depth of focusing your faith and deepening your relationship with the Lord and with fellow man

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