The Way of Love | Book 2

The Way of Love | Book 2

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Paperback, 190 pgs.

Through 24 daily readings, practices and alignments, you'll go broader and deeper into the life-changing teachings of Yeshua on the only way to find love and peace in this life.

Each one which invites you into a single transformational idea and practice that opens your eyes to the only thing that really matters in this life awakening to who you truly are in this plane of existence.

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My journey

This is a valuable part of a journey the Lord takes us on for spiritual healing.
The truth found here as Ted guides us through the Scripture is empowering and freeing.
This book, along with The Forgotten Way, will be books that will always be nearby and ones that I value and go back to often.

Loving the Way of Love

I am loving this book and how, through it and scripture I am learning so much about myself and who I am in Christ. Any chance you will be coming out with a video study series on this book? Would love to do it as a Bible study in our church or with our youth... or both.

Simply amazing

Simply amazing. Ted confirms what I've always known to be true, but have never heard articulated and have never been able to articulate so succinctly myself.


I loved The Forgotten Way and cant WAIT to read this!! Wishing I could download it on kindle also. Is that going to be an option? Its easier to read on the back of a motorcycle when on a kindle, but normally I highlight and underline so many things which is difficult on a bike. Just starting the paperback copy this week.

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