Millie Maven: 3 Book Bundle w/Audiobook

Millie Maven: 3 Book Bundle w/Audiobook
Millie Maven: 3 Book Bundle w/Audiobook
Millie Maven: 3 Book Bundle w/Audiobook
Millie Maven: 3 Book Bundle w/Audiobook
Millie Maven: 3 Book Bundle w/Audiobook
Product image 1Millie Maven: 3 Book Bundle w/Audiobook
Product image 2Millie Maven: 3 Book Bundle w/Audiobook
Product image 3Millie Maven: 3 Book Bundle w/Audiobook
Product image 4Millie Maven: 3 Book Bundle w/Audiobook
Product image 5Millie Maven: 3 Book Bundle w/Audiobook

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This product bundle includes:

  • Book 1: The Bronze Medallion (Paperback, 214 pgs.)

  • Book 2: The Golden Vial (Paperback, 214 pgs.)

  • Book 3: The White Sword (Paperback, 176 pgs.)

  • Audiobook: The entire series in audio, read by award-winning narrator Brittany Goodwin. The audiobook is provided as a digital download (.MP3) after checkout. The audiobook is compatible with all mobile and digital devices.



Introducing Millie Maven, the all-new young reader series from New York Times bestselling author Ted Dekker and his daughter, Christy-award winner, Rachelle Dekker.

Enter the world of Millie Maven, a twelve-year-old orphan who embarks on a great adventure that takes her to the distant, mysterious world of FIGS, the FarPointe Institute for Gifted Students. There, she discovers that there is more to her than she ever dared imagine or believe . . . and that there are some truths that change everything. 


Meet Rachelle Dekker

Rachelle Dekker is the Christy Award-winning author of The Choosing, The Calling, and The Returning in the Seer series. The oldest daughter of New York Times bestselling author Ted Dekker and co-author with him of The Girl behind the Red Rope and Millie Maven, Rachelle was inspired early on to discover truth through the avenue of storytelling. She writes full-time from her home in Nashville, where she lives with her husband, Daniel, and their son, Jack.

Customer Reviews

Based on 432 reviews
This story drew me in and didn’t disappoint

I’m the mom who bought this series for my teenage daughter (with the audiobook since she has dyslexia) and then binge listened to the whole series over 3-4 days as time allowed. We’ve been disappointed in other purchases (finding out that they concealed themes in them that we believe to be poor choices for teen readers) and I wasn’t going to let that happen again. I am glad to say that she will be encouraged to read/listen to the whole series without reservation. I look forward to other offerings. My son is reading the other series out for children.


My granddaughter has read the first book in the series and seemed to enjoy it very much

Millie Maven 3 book bundle

These books are awesome!!! I have three children ages 10, 12 & 14. We have been reading the books together and we love the stories and how they are related to our study of God and the Bible. The kids have asked great questions and it has inspired us all to remember to love all people, no matter how they treat you. Well done Decker family.

Everyone can relate to Mille

I, and our younger grandkids, really enjoyed and connected with the Dream Traveler’s Quest series, so I ordered Mille Maven for the older grandkids. I read them first; finishing them in less than a week! Even as an adult, I was able to connect with Mille and the struggles/challenges she faces, then be reminded of the truth of who I am in the One who loves me. The process of remembering what I so easily forget, far too often. I highly recommend this series!

Granddaughters love it!

I bought these books for my granddaughters that are 11 & 12. Their grandfather enjoys the Dekker novels.
The oldest finished the 1st book in a couple of days. Could not put it down. She is st the end of the 2nd book & her younger sibling began immediately reading the first book which she has almost completed.
I’m so happy they are enjoying these books.
I’m looking forward to hearing all about it.

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