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Study Course for Groups (Kit)

Study Course for Groups (Kit)

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The Study Course for Groups is a simple, seven week kit designed to help small groups journey through The Forgotten Way together. We've created all of the materials so you can focus more time on the journey and less time preparing for your group.

You can use everything inside the kit starting Day 1 without the stress and time commitment it usually takes to prepare for a group. There's no more need to come up with discussion questions, scripture references, or group activities.

It's all taken care of for you. 

Each Study Kit Includes:

  • One (1) copy of The Forgotten Way Meditations. A beautifully printed 21-day devotional to lead you on the path of Yeshua for power and peace in this life (272 pages).
  • One (1) Forgotten Way Leader Guide. A practical step-by-step guide to leading a group through the seven week study.
  • One (1) Forgotten Way Participant Study Guide. Every weekly lesson includes video content to support and illustrate the study.
  • DVD with 7 Weeks of Video. Every weekly lesson includes a 10 min. video to support the study.
  • The Forgotten Way Monologues. Explore each of The Forgotten Way's 5 Declarations through these audio recordings with Ted Dekker.
  • 6 Bonus Podcast Recordings. In these never before released one hour recorded sessions, Ted, Bill Vanderbush, and Kevin Kaiser discuss faith, life, and how The Forgotten Way turned their worlds upside down.
  • 21 Audio Sessions. Listen in as Ted unpacks the heart of each meditation. 10 minutes each, recorded for on the go listening.   

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 407 reviews
    As good as anticipated

    Still working my way through the book and find that many scriptures are reinforced here. This book does not disappoint.

    Tracy Clark
    Real and Engaging

    I have only just begun reading and working through The Forgotten Way. The book is well written. I love that it is written from the heart. It shows in the words that it is real and it makes me want to know more. Know more about the person who wrote it and where the journey took him as well as know more about my own relationship with my Heavenly Father.

    Louise Pryor
    Life Changing

    I wish I could buy a thousand copies and hand them out to everyone I know! This is truly Good News, and full of life changing truth. Thank you Ted Dekker, for listening to God.

    Gina Duane
    The Forgotten Way

    Very spot on with myself. It resonates with my stumbling blocks of why I'm stuck. I pray to recieve a break through as I continue reading as I only just began reading the first chapter. Thank you.

    Linda Sjostrom
    The Forgotten Way Meditations and Study Guide Bundle

    Previous teachings and beliefs are challenged in a good way. Old attitudes and beliefs are being updated and new ways of seeing myself, the Father, and Yeshua are opening new "ways" of walking in faith.

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