The Way of Love (First Edition)

The Way of Love (First Edition)

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There is no Fear in Love.

(1 John 4:18 NASB)

But we live in fear of loss, and the fear that we are failures, and the fear that others might fail us. So then . . . Do we know love?

Enter the Way of Yeshua and discover a living, breathing journey on which all are invited to take during this life. The journey from fear to love; the journey from blindness to sight. The journey from darkness to light.

This is our Practice: to see and awaken to the light and so love as He loves.

This is our Journey: to walk in the light of true love rather than in darkness.

Only in true love can we find peace during this life.

This product includes:

1. The Way of Love (Paperback 285 Pages)

Through 45 new daily meditations, practices and alignments, you'll go broader and deeper into the life-changing teachings of Yeshua on the only way to find love and peace in this life, beyond what The Forgotten Way Meditations offer.

But The Way of Love is also more accessible and practical than The Forgotten Way. With simpler and shorter meditations, each one which invites you into a single transformational idea and practice that opens your eyes to the only thing that really matters in this life—awakening to who you truly are in this plane of existence.

For many, The Way of Love may be the best gateway to understanding Yeshua's teaching of freedom in a whole new way.


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