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The Way of Love (Both Books + Journal)

The Way of Love (Both Books + Journal)
The Way of Love (Both Books + Journal)
The Way of Love (Both Books + Journal)
The Way of Love (Both Books + Journal)
Product image 1The Way of Love (Both Books + Journal)
Product image 2The Way of Love (Both Books + Journal)
Product image 3The Way of Love (Both Books + Journal)
Product image 4The Way of Love (Both Books + Journal)

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(1) Book One, Daily Devotional

Through 21 devotional readings and practices, you'll go broader and deeper into the life-changing teachings of Yeshua on the only way to find love and peace in this life. (Paperback)

(2) Book Two, Daily Devotional

Book Two continues with an additional 24 daily readings and practices that invite you to open your eyes to the only thing that really matters in this life—awakening to who you truly are in Christ. (Paperback)

(3) Leatherbound Journal

An amazing way to chronicle your own journey of awakening--the most important journey you'll ever take. Includes all 45 Daily practices from Books One and Two in a quick reference format so you can re-visit them easily wherever you go. It's also the perfect companion the devotionals.

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Mary Shellnut
Love Conquers all

These two books and journal are life-changing. I say this as person who has sought to live as a fervent Christ-foliower for several decades. Ted Dekker has been given the gift of seeing deeply into life’s complexities, and bringing simple truth and faith to bear upon them, and revealing the power of God’s love working in all. He challenges us to really love God and others as Jesus did. Both mystical and practical, I know I shall reread and share these books and journal with others often as the Holy Spirit directs. Thank you for writing, Ted Dekker, may God continue to use you for His kingdom.

His Truth

So far the book has brought me into deeper understanding of Gods truth, a deeper understanding of His unconditional love for His creations and my responsibility as His follower to live in that love and exemplify it through my life to those around me.

Chris Jurewicz
Love books

Highly recommend anybody that’s looking for the basics about God and his kingdom this is the book and several books that he has well appreciative of this writing it has truth written all over it

Christina Dickerson
The Way of Love with Journal

We have started this as a small group study at our ministry center. It is transforming our hearts and minds back to what the gospel truly is.... love!

Barbara Prosock
Yahweh lives

Wonderful, helpful, encouraging. A way to the truth and the light. No guilt,
no burdens, no shame.

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